Hiroko's swap quilt

Hiroko has just finished this swap quilt. (150cm x 150cm). It is gorgeous.

She would like to say "Thank you so much!"for you all

This picture was taken in Hiroko's garden.


A new shopping bag

I have made a new shopping bag, decorated with a Loralie Designed shopping lady. This shopping bag was a birthday present for a friend of mine.


A tribute to the anti plastic bag guerilla

The last Morsbag in this swap. Iris has made this beautiful appliqued Morsbag. And the lucky receiver is Hiroko. I think we have to sew some more Morsbags otherwise we have to do shopping every day.


Peggy has received her Morsbag

It is Ia who has made the masterpiece. Lovely applications.


Morsbag from Singapore to Australia

Joan in Australia has got a lovely bag from Peggy in Singapore. Peggy has made a "bag in bag". The small bag is to be hooked on to the front of the bag while not in use so this will keep the 2 bags always together. Peggy has copied this from a bag she bought in Japan last year, very clever I think.


Morsbag swap

Kay sent a beautiful summer Morsbag to Ia in Sweden. Lovely fabrics and embellishment.

Morsbag swap

Kay was the lucky receiver of the Morsbag from Joan. The Morsbag is made of Aborigine fabric, I think. Correct me if I am wrong.